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Shepheard Hotel

The Shepheard Hotel's history goes back to more than 150 years as one of the oldest and classical hotels of Cairo since 1841.  During this time, the development of commerce brought many travelers from Europe to this part of the world. The meeting place was the terrace of Shepheard's, which became the playground of international aristocracy and every person of social standing made it a must to have a tea at the Shepheard's to see and be seen.  

The hotel was first built on historical ground in a district known as "Ezbekia", that was once occupied by the army of Napoleon and used as a headquarter during his invasion of Egypt in the 18th century. The Shepheard hotel continued to be the center of many events that took place in the century, one of the less hostile but great event that were celebrated at the Shepheard's was the Grand Opening of the Sues Canal in 1869 where the hotel hosted numerous international personalities that were invited to attend the ceremony because of the change in travel pattern between Europe and Asia; so the British began to travel to India via Egypt and the Red Sea instead of traveling around the cope. Over the years, the hotel has attracted statesmen, soldiers, explorers and the glitterati of high society from across the globe in the days when travelers truly were intrepid., where one of the highlight of this was a banquet given in honor of the French Empress Eugine.  
Over the years, the Golden Book of the hotel listed names of many distinguished visitors and guests as Ex-King Fouad, Theodore Roosvelt, nahas Pasha, Saad Zaghloul, Morton Stanely, Prince of Wales, King Faisal of Iraq, the Aga Khan, Kind Ferdinand of Bulgaria, Prince Erik of Denmark, King and Queen of Italy, Sir Winston Churchill and many more.  

Over the years its site has been changed three times, it has been rebuilt four times.  After it was totally destroyed by fire, in 1952, it was re-erected by the Egyptian Hotels LTD in the prestigious district Garden City on the banks of the river Nile among Cairo's deluxe hotels.  Now the hotel is being owned and managed by the Egyptian General Organization for Tourism & Hotels Company, through a potential management team with the highest standards of experience in the hotels field industry.

The hotel has gone under a complete renovation plan to compete with other surrounding hotels.  The rooms and suites has been increased to 297 units most enjoy a breath taking view of the river Nile, with its unique 3 levels suites not found else where in the city.

A wide range variety of  conferences, seminars, meetings, banquets, wedding and private parties that cater up from 10 to 900 guests through our 6 different sized and located banquet rooms some of on the Nile as "Shehrezad" in the lobby and "Nefertiti" at the 10th floor with a splendid panoramic Nile view.  All 5 rooms were recently renovated and equipped with latest audio-visual equipments & W-iFi facilities.

The Hotel also offers a variety of restaurants with a wide choice of cuisines as the "Asia House" most famous for its authentic Indian & Chinese specialties, the "Caravan" coffee shop over looking the Nile with all day dining serving International food buffet and a la carte menu.  The "Café" offering brewed coffee freshly prepared, fresh juices and home made pastries and bakeries.  For those who want to enjoy a special drink and famous cocktails, "Napoleon Bar" is the right place to be served on the tunes of the music in a cozy atmosphere.  Others who would prefer open air areas, the "Terrace" at the 10th floor is typical an oriental atmosphere offering the real taste of BBQ, Oriental and Egyptian foods while enjoying hot drinks and flavored water pipes famous as "shisha".

Among other facilities found is the 24 hours gambling casino, 24 hours bank, beauty parlor, internet café and 2 two travel agencies offices.

The unique location of the hotel is the reason to be of the best choices for our clients, it is located in the heart of Cairo at a walking distance from Cairo Museum, Opera House, business districts, banks, Ministries and famous shopping areas, with few steps to Citadel, Khan El Khalili Bazar.  Only 3 km from main railway, 18 km from Cairo International Airport and 19 km from Pyramids area.  

The hotel is developed and upgraded in a way still keeping its historical atmosphere to compete with other surrounding hotels, thus achieving tourists and businessmen guests' satisfaction and high quality experience.


Location & Map

Corniche El Nile, Egypt




Shepheard's Hotel was the leading hotel in Cairo and one of the most celebrated hotels in the world between the middle of the 19th century.
It was burned down in 1952. A modern hotel called the Shepheard Hotel was built nearby in 1957.

Originally operating under the name Hotel des Anglais (English Hotel) in the early 1840s,in 1860 the hotel was renamed Shepheard's Hotel, after its owner Samuel Shepheard (1816-66).Shepheard, an English entrepreneur from Preston Capes, Northamptonshire, England, became co-manager of the hotel with a Mr. Hill (who was Mohammed Ali Pasha's head coachman) in 1841. In 1845 Hill relinquished his interest in the hotel, and Shepheard became the sole owner. Shepheard sold the hotel in 1861 and retired to Eathorpe Hall, Eathorpe, Warwickshire, England. Shepheard's Hotel was famed for its grandeur and opulence, though a frequent complaint was that its cuisine "leaves much to be desired".It was extensively renovated in 1891, 1899, 1904, 1909 and 1927. Richard Burton, a close friend of Shepheard, left a detailed description of his generous character and successful career, describing him as "a remarkable man in many points, and in all things the model John Bull".

The current Shepheard Hotel was erected in 1957 by Egyptian Hotels Ltd.
in Garden City, Cairo (downtown Cairo), at a location which is about 1/2 mile from the site of the original hotel. The new hotel and the land on which it sits is owned by E.G.O.T.H. (Egyptian General Company for Tourism and Hotels). For quite a while the hotel's operations/management company was Helnan International Hotels, and the hotel, accordingly, was known as the Helnan Shepheard Hotel. Recently, as per a contract signed on September 29, 2009, the Rocco Forte Company was chosen as the hotel's new management company.  The Rocco Forte Company will operate the hotel  after renovtion , as the hotel is closed now for renovtion.



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